Patrick Saoula

Collège les Bréguières



Patrick  Saoula

Patrick is a science teacher from France. He has introduced a new teaching method that he calls ‘TouKouLeur’. It enables children to develop their own micro-initiatives with his support. He has established an ‘open classroom’ where children from his school, and also from the wider community, can come in, present their ideas and find support.

TouKouLeur was born of the desire to allow pupils to share the diversity of their cultures within the college, by engaging in workshops in which teachers and associative and cultural partners offered to be the resources to carry out the projects of the volunteer pupils.

The objective of his project is to improve opportunities for students by implementing many disciplines, enabling students to highlight their path, avoiding prejudices between pupils, putting students’ personal competences at the service of their professional practices and putting students at the heart of the project.

Patrick is passionate about the importance of happiness for teachers and the impact happy teachers have on students.