Ayodele Odeogbola

Abeokuta Grammar School



Ayodele  Odeogbola

Ayodele teaches STEM Education and Global Studies to 11-15 year olds in Ogun State, Nigeria. He is passionate about developing his learners to be future leaders and become stakeholders in their world. He uses collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication, combined with innovation and new technology to transform learning.

In class he has chosen gifted students as leaders to head groups and review every learning activity – many of these have gone on to become leaders in higher education. Rather than teach the same thing in the same way to all, Ayodele seeks to match the different needs, potentials and learning paths of each child. He says, “For every human challenge in the new world we live in, there is always a technological solution”. As part of this he has brought technology industry experts into his classroom and linked his class to peers in schools in India and Lebanon using Skype and social media .

He is active in many projects focusing on education and youth development. He acts as mentor to other teachers, Youth Service Corps leaders and young African leaders. He was lead of Beyond School Community Challenge Project – a flagship initiative of Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Association of Nigeria. The initiative involved over 300 schools in developing young people to be the solution to their communities, in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Ayodele has also developed a professional development scheme that has so far trained over 2,000 teachers with the support of the United States Mission in Nigeria, Microsoft Nigeria and Ogun State Government.