Pradeep Negi

Government Inter College, BHEL


Pradeep  Negi

Pradeep uses a wheelchair after having childhood polio. Despite his disability he is determined and ambitious and wants to inspire other disabled children.

He found the traditional teaching process very difficult – using a blackboard and standing for a long time caused him problems. Now ICT has given him powerful tools for teaching. He frequently uses the internet and online web resources to make economics and social science more interesting. Currently he works in a remote rural area where most students are too poor to afford books and uniform. Many cannot attend regularly because they work part-time to support their families. Pradeep works to help solve the problems of the parents and educate them in the value of schooling for their children.

Pradeep ‘s practical approach helps his students to evaluate their knowledge creatively. In the school computer lab, his students learn using online tools including interactive quizzes, blogs, Wikis and e-content he has developed with government departments. Pradeep constantly monitors, supervises and evaluates his students, providing extra classes and activity for struggling students. Using their ICT skills his students have launched campaigns to generate awareness on various social issues including saving electricity, saving wildlife, and the importance of voting. They achieve excellent results and many go on to successful careers.

Pradeep has worked with the Education Department to improve the use of ICT in education, so that learning can become interesting and easily accessible in remote areas. He has developed software tools, e-content and data analysis as well as a training program for teachers. He has now trained more than 1200 teachers in his state. In 2014, he was awarded the National Award of ICT by the President of India in New Delhi.