Nataliia Kiseleva

School 1409


Nataliia  Kiseleva

Nataliia is a maths teacher in Russia. Her strong belief is that a teacher’s role is not only teaching, and school is not only about lessons.

Nataliia uses her own method, “math classes through activity”, backed by extracurricular mathematics and social projects, to achieve academic success for her students and help them learn about responsible decision-making. She believes project-based education is the best way to develop a child’s personality, teamwork skills and life skills. She has led more than ten school projects, which have influenced the school’s approach to classes and learning.

Nataliia started a student’s organization, ‘Democratic Republic ‘Blue Bird’, involving troubled adolescents to actively participate in running projects at school. It brought excellent results – teenagers stopped skipping school lessons, began to lead a healthy lifestyle and to study better. Her next project, “Equal Opportunities”, increased the involvement of teachers in teamwork across their school team, to unite the team and develop the school. It links social-educational competitions and socially significant actions. In 2017 it was included in the hundred best educational innovations in the world.

Now Nataliia combines teaching at school with teaching online courses, webinars, and skypeclasses for students and teachers. This year she created, launched and is leading a new nationwide contest, “Territory of Educational Projects-School”. 937 teams from schools in 77 regions of Russia and more than 120,000 teachers are registered on the contest website.

Nataliia has featured in local and national news and won many prizes, including the competition “The best teacher of Russia”