Steve Revington

Emily Carr Public School



Steve Revington

Steve’s 29-year teaching career has provided him the opportunity to teach at sixteen different schools. He currently works at Emily Carr Public School in London, Ontario.

Steve believes that teaching is about creating possibilities and not simply about transferring information. He believes that every person is unique and will do what works for each of them to support their educational journey.

As more evidence became available about how learning takes place in the brain, Steve incorporated these findings into his teaching practices. He pioneered an ‘authentic learning’ approach which promotes learning by doing, in a genuine context to a specific audience. In this method the teacher is a guide on the side, becoming a facilitator or project manager who nurtures, motivates, co-creates and consults.

His student performances have proven that the closer learning is to real life scenarios, the more motivated and engaged students become, no matter their level or background. Steve’s extensive experience in delivering this model of education allowed him to identify the essential elements required to share this model effectively with other educators. Steve has designed, implemented and promoted a wide variety of these multi-sensory events from Dinner Theaters, Ancient Roman Living Museums, The Great London Challenge and most notably The Egg Drop Project.

Steve has written a number of articles on this approach, has created a dedicated website, produced film and held training workshops on an international level.

Steve also has written, produced and consulted on several successful educational music initiatives, such as the “Visages” French language program, that have reached nearly a million Canadian students.

He has received recognition for his innovative teaching methods and recently received an Associate Teacher’s Award for Excellence from Althouse College at the University of Western Ontario.