Cameron Paterson

Shore School



Cameron Paterson

Initially Cameron wanted to work in foreign affairs or as a journalist, but as soon as he had tried out teaching, he decided to become an educator. He has received numerous awards for teaching and leadership, among them a Teachers’ Guild Commendation for Outstanding Teaching Performance and a NSW Minister’s Quality Teaching Award. In his role as the Director of Learning & Teaching at Shore School in Sydney he strives to promote excellence and innovation in teaching practice, for example by having made coaching an integral part of daily practice.

Cameron has developed innovative methods for global and project-based learning, including Skype calls with children in countries being studied in his history classes. One example was a call to Turkey when studying the Gallipoli campaign in World War One – his Australian students discovered that the Turkish view included important information that was not covered in their ‘Western’ textbooks.

Cameron holds four postgraduate degrees and has spent time at the Harvard Graduate School for Education as a Teacher Education Program Advisor. TED-Education have animated and published one of his lessons online. He has also developed learning and teaching networks across both public and private schools, is a leading organiser in the unconference TeachMeet movement, and has published a large number of teaching resources and articles.