Lisa Parisi

Denton Avenue Elementary School



Lisa Parisi

Lisa’s aim in teaching is to enable today’s children to make the world a better place in the future. To accomplish this, she believes that her pupils need to be aware of the problems that exist, and learn empathy for people who may be very different from them.

Helping her students become caring citizens of the world guides everything she does in the classroom at Denton Avenue Elementary School in New Hyde Park. She encourages children to rely on each other in class and this in turn motivates them to excel. She connects her pupils with other children around the world for Skype calls, holds online discussions with experts and authors, and organises long-term collaborative research projects such as her ‘Natural Disasters and Us’ award-winning wiki project.

Lisa shares her insights on project-based learning, the responsive classroom, online tools and globalising the room at conferences, via social media and through her publications.