Jamie Manker

Rockwood Summit High School



Jamie Manker

Jamie came to value school highly as a child, because it provided her with a source of stability against a chaotic family situation, and a space to develop her talents. In her classes at Rockwood Summit High School in Maryland Heights, she encourages a sense of student ownership and respect for all, no matter what their circumstances.

Jamie’s lessons are focused on analysis and discussion, allowing her students to develop and then apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills. She includes global courses in a previously western civilization curriculum so that students of all backgrounds can feel that their personal story is valued. She has led projects to get her pupils involved with children at the Circle for Concern homeless shelter, and has supported the Fragile X (genetic disorder) Resource Center of Missouri in her community.

Jamie has recently been named Missouri State Teacher of the Year and is using this platform to share success stories of education in her state.