Kavita Sanghvi

MET Rishikul Vidyalaya



Kavita  Sanghvi

Kavita grew up in India, studying Physics in Mumbia, where she discovered a love of teaching that would enable her to become an outstanding educator. In her first school she concentrated on maximizing her student’s stellar results in examinations, but she now believes that the most important thing is turning students into independent thinkers, analytically capable and creative. She was selected by the British Council to be part of their Global Teachers accreditation programme, and used the opportunity to conduct research on experiential learning in Physics. In rising to Vice-Principal and then Principal in 2013, she has also met challenging administrative and managerial obstacles but has nonetheless kept her students on the straight and narrow. In her school, a global outlook is inculcated in students throughout their education, and they often progress to projects such as the Model United Nations.

Kavita also regularly writes for teacher magazines about her work and has received many awards – not just for her Physics teaching but also for her environmental projects within the school. She was the Global winner for the School Enterprise challenge and was recognized by the World Education Summit 2016 for the Becoming Enthusiastic About Maths and Science (BEAMS) project. She would use the prize funds, if successful, to finance professional learning and development courses for her colleagues and enable a review of her school every three years by other educators from around the world. This will enable a truly global perspective.