Mareike Hachemer

Berufliche Schulen Groß- Gerau



Mareike Hachemer

Mareike originally worked as a journalist and a theatre actress/director,  but came to see her vocation as helping students reach their full potential and become active citizens. She sees communication as being the key skill for solving problems of the 21 st century since it is the only chance to solve conflicts in a peaceful way.

At Berufliche Schulen Groß-Gerau she uses a collaborative, group-oriented teaching model that often focuses on self-initiated learning. Mareike has set up several learning platforms so that learners can >improve their abilities with audiovisual materials at their own pace.  She has developed teaching units which encourage volunteerism and active citizenship in a globalized world or help students develop scientific writing skills as well as encouraged students to express their opinion on stage and think outside the box.

She has won several prizes for her theatre teaching with students. Play productions have involved topics such as war and peace, religious conflict, gender conflicts, bullying and the strive for happiness. She has published numerous works on teaching
and didactics and enjoys exchanging ideas about teaching with teachers from all over the world in conferences and training.

During the last few years she has supported plenty of future teachers with planning lessons and developing teaching units.