Tom Bennett

Jo Richardson Community School


Tom  Bennett

Tom originally ran nightclubs in London’s West End after university. He then began a rewarding teaching career in the East End, in one of the poorest boroughs in England. He particularly wanted to help those students who were less able, many of whom also had behavioural problems.

Tom was concerned that teachers drowned in pedagogical advice that was often not evidence based. He therefore undertook extensive primary and secondary research with a focus on student behaviour. Blogging about his findings led to publications, workshops and lectures on national and international levels. In 2012 he founded the organisation researchED to raise research literacy in the teaching profession and encourage teacher practitioners to become active participants in education-related research.

Tom currently teaches philosophy and religion at Jo Richardson Community School in London, and he was personally commended for outstanding lessons and outstanding leadership in its last two Ofsted inspections. As Gifted and Talented Coordinator he ensures that children from all backgrounds are encouraged to consider a university education, so that they are not held back by a lack of aspiration.