Hanan Al-Madaheen

King Abdullah II School For Excellence



Hanan Al-Madaheen

Not being from a privileged background, Hanan realised at a very early age that education was her only opportunity to achieve a better life. She currently teaches physics at King Abdullah II School for Excellence in Aqaba and has received the Queen Rania Distinguished Teacher Award.

She uses a teaching style that is very interactive and includes fun experiments and engaging scientific websites. Hanan makes a point of showing physics’ real-world significance and gives students room for hands-on research that sometimes takes them outside of the classroom. In the Fluid Mechanics class, she uses aviation to teach the concepts of fluids in motion. Her students are asked to create presentations and papers about the history of aviation and airplane design.

Hanan participated in establishing the general framework for the physics curriculum in Jordan, and she has been sharing his professional insights at many educational conventions, in newspapers, online and in workshops.