Graciana Goicoechandia



Graciana  Goicoechandia

Graciana originally trained as a systems analyst and programmed accounting systems, but soon found that teaching was her true vocation. In the 1997 National Internet Olympics her students in Las Flores were identified as being among the 15 most internet-savvy groups of students in the nation, a remarkable feat given that at the time the school did not even have a telephone line. She has continued to enroll her students in online national and international competitions, and together they have won several prizes.

She ensures that her students produce meaningful content in her ICT classes, connect with other cultures and practice teamwork. Recent projects include a school selfie contest incorporating citizenship, art, language and technology; involving parents to teach responsible use of social networks; a global citizenship project, “Around the World in—How Many Degrees?”, connecting her students with over half the world.

Graciana has created the “The Parade of Graduates”, an annual event that brings together all future graduates in a parade through the town with floats and flags. In her small town, she has been educating everyone, not just school students—she is proud that she has helped almost a third of the population become computer literate.

Graciana has received numerous awards, including the ‘Innovative Women of 2012’ prize in the category of Educational Work granted by the Chamber of Senators of Buenos Aires Province.

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