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Aggeliki  Pappa

Aggeliki specialises in teaching English as a Foreign Language to Greek students with dyslexia and learning differences. As an EFL teacher, she recognised that there were no methods or resources available specifically for helping students with dyslexia who wanted to learn English. If a child struggled to read and write in their native language, what hope would they have with English? She resolved to fix the problem, and after extensive research developed a whole system to teach EFL with dyslexia called ‘I Love Dyslexia’. Because no teaching job existed for this specialisation, she set up her own organisation. Its afternoon classes offer holistic EFL and life skills learning to students of all ages who grapple with dyslexia and learning differences.

Aggeliki’s approach is based on brain science and consists of a synthesis of smart visuals, mind maps, funny mnemonics and games to learn EFL skills in fresh and unconventional ways. It also includes socialising with native speakers, reflection on current affairs, drama, gardening and the use of technology. Her students’ pass rate in international EFL certificates is 100%. Students also report a significant rise in general school performance and emotional satisfaction, often after years of frustration.

Aggeliki has taught around 800 students with special educational needs and trained about 1,500 EFL teachers at seminars run in conjunction with the Ministry of Education. She has been in the media, on television and in print, and her achievements have been recognised by the Minister of Education, the Ministry of Development and UNESCO Hellas.

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