Gamal Alkady

Safawa Zagazig Primary School for Girls



Gamal Alkady

Gamal began teaching English in Egypt out of a desire to help students gain access to desirable professions. He was inspired by his own English teacher, who had a great effect on his attitude and thinking. Despite growing up in strained circumstances, Gamal saved to pursue his studies at the American University in Cairo and has completed various diplomas in translation, teaching methods and special educational needs.

Gamal employs an innovative and fun approach to teaching English, which has allowed him to demonstrate very quick results in English language learning. Instead of just using the English textbooks as they are written, he adds songs and drama at the end of every chapter, also incorporating moral and community lessons. Gamal also runs the school radio station in English. His primary pupils are in some cases outperforming older students. Students now have the confidence to take part in a play. His teaching methods have brought attention from a number of newspapers in the local press, and he was awarded the Best Teacher certificate from the Deputy Minister. He is president of the Alsun charity.

With the prize funds, Gamal would widen the work of his charity in providing English language courses and labour market guidance, set up a theatre in his school, increase his skills by pursuing further postgraduate study, and research the possibilities of scientific education to fight poverty.