Ioana Popescu

Professor of Decision Sciences, INSEAD


Ioana Popescu

Ioana Popescu is Professor of Decision Sciences at INSEAD, where she also holds the Strategy& Chair in Revenue Management. Ioana is interested in how people make decisions based on judgment, emotions and data, and how uncertainty plays out in these decisions. An expert in behavioral decision analytics, she is currently researching sustainable revenue models for the bottom of the pyramid, with the aim to improve access to finance and energy for unserved markets.

Ioana holds a dual PhD from MIT in Applied Mathematics and Operations Research. She received multiple awards for her research and teaching, including the MBA Best Teacher Award, and she regularly serves on academic and start-up boards.  She has been honored as a Young Global Leader by the WEF.

While her work focuses on tools to manage uncertainty, in life she prefers to embrace it. Born in Transylvania, she is also an artist, a mother, a mountain climber, and a bit of a nomad, having lived on four continents.

"As a teacher, my mission is to see the best in each student and bring that out. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing people get closer to their full potential."