David Hertz


David Hertz

Founder, Gastromotiva

Social Entrepreneur and Chef-Instructor, David combines his passion for people and food to transform lives and communities. He founded Gastromotiva in 2006, the first socio-gastronomic business in Brazil that uses the potential and responsibility of gastronomy to generate empowerment and social awakening. Through peer-to-peer education, it trains people who are underprivileged on becoming professional cooks and food mentors. Hertz is a social mobilizer and network builder who started the Social Gastronomy Movement, a network of institutions from different sectors of society engaging people who are working together to leverage the food system towards being healthier and inclusive.

Ted Fellow 2015, Young Global Leader from the World Economic Forum, class of 2012, an Ashoka Fellow since 2011. He received the 2009 Future Social Entrepreneur Award from Folha de São Paulo newspaper and Schwab Foundation.  Member of the Slow Food Brazil Board, he graduated in Culinary Arts from Senac University, with a Social Entrepreneurship Management MBA from FIA-USP.

I have been working with social change through education for a long time and from the start I realize the fundamental role of teachers in the transformation of people’s life. My work could not have reached the impact it had without their work and passion. In this sense, the Global Teacher Prize is a very welcome initiative to recognize those professionals that, most of the time anonymously, contributes to change lives and make the world a better place to live.