Paula Escobar Chavarría


Paula Escobar Chavarría


Paula Escobar Chavarría is a Chilean journalist from Catholic University of Chile and has a Master´s Degree in Comparative Literature. Former Director of Caras Magazine and former Managing Editor of Televisa Chile, was a board member of the National Association of the press and President of its Committee on Magazines. Since 2001, she has been the Magazines Editor of El Mercurio, the most important newspaper of Chile and oversees its six weekly magazines. This has led to the ranking of the Chilean market readership and has obtained many awards for its journalistic quality. She is also a Huffington Post blogger in Latino Voices and writes about social issues.

She is the author of five books. The last was “Presidente/a”, in which she interviewed the last five Chilean Presidents. She has won many journalistic awards, including Lenka Franulic in 2014, by which the National Association of Women Journalists awards since 1962 the most outstanding journalist of the year. Among other international awards, she has been honoured by Yale University who chose her as Yale World Fellow in 2012. Paula was also elected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in Davos in 2006. The BBC chose her in 2015 as one of their 100 inspiring women of the year.

She is member of the Council of the most influential NGOs for women’s rights in Chile, Comunidad Mujer; and recently was elected as Vice President of the National Association of Women Journalists. She has also taught journalism for twenty years. Paula is currently teaching Magazines Workshop at the Master´s Degree of El Mercurio and Catholic University.

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