Gina Badenoch


Gina Badenoch

Photographer, social entrepreneur and inclusive leader

Gina is a professional photographer and social entrepreneur facilitating stories that aim to eradicate mental blindness in order to value human potential and strengthen human capital. By mental blindness she means, all the labels formed from our limited senses and specially by our visual information and prejudice we have built up throughout life, which make us biased in our decisions and perceptions towards people and stereotypes.

She is a bicultural (Mexican & British) age 34 and creative facilitator, dynamic photographer and empathetic facilitator working across the globe. Eight years ago she started teaching photography to blind people to give them a voice, now she is working with diverse groups who need to be seen and heard.

She works with senior leaders and managers to improve business performance, increase productivity, profitable, innovation and employee commitment. Gina is focusing in authentic leadership to create solutions to develop and manage talent plus support organisational culture change.

"It’s the kind of encouragement and guidance that good teachers give to their pupils every day. That is why I support the Varkey Foundation’s Global Teacher Prize. However much we achieve in life, we all began learning the basics from a teacher in a classroom. Those that teach - devoting their talents and time to nurturing the talents of others - deserve to be respected and celebrated. "