Amna Habiba


Amna Habiba

Amna Habiba is a 16-year-old Pakistani, founder of Global Creative Hub, Global Teen Leader, international speaker, STEM enthusiast, and an advocate for girls' education, digital transformation, & STEM. Recipient of the Voice of GenZ Award (2022), Young Achiever Award (2016), and runner up in the Young Voices Award (2021), Amna has always been inspired to use the power of technology for the betterment of society and has made it her life goal to change the narrative for girls in Pakistan and beyond. She is currently studying pre-medicine at Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government Degree College for Women.

When COVID struck, her mother motivated her to explore e-learning leading her to complete more than 80 courses in just six months in various fields. This steered her to take part in multiple STEM programs, use technology for social good (UN SDGs) and venture into edtech.

To give back to her community Amna launched Global Creative Hub, a social development initiative that aims to change the narrative and help young girls break stereotypes and continue their journey in education, digital transformation, and STEM, making them ready for the future of work. Global Creative Hub especially targets girls from rural areas and low socio-economic backgrounds across Pakistan. From hackathons, projects, to training programs, it focuses on how girls can use the power of storytelling and technology for social good and work collectively towards global goals. Global Creative Hub has hosted 10 events and training programmes, has over 500 members, runs five separate initiatives, and has directly impacted more than 1000 young girls across Pakistan.  As Amna is in the same age range as the girls she trains and mentors, she sometimes contends with ageism, but with the right skills, resources, and mentors to support her, she breaks through such biases to truly achieve the impact she hopes for.

As a youth ambassador and activist, Amna is often invited on global platforms to advocate for what matters to her, share her journey, and inspire the world. She has spoken on various global platforms, including World Bank, WomenTech Network, IFC & UNESCO to advocate for her mission to support girls in literacy, digital literacy, and STEM. In addition, she is also the youngest Pakistani to host three international digital hackathons in her country. Featured by UNESCO Youth, Malala Fund, and a UN Food Hero, she believes that when technology is used for good, it can change the world. Her talks have been viewed by more than 50,000 people from all over the globe.

Among many projects, she is currently developing STEM Girl, a mobile app which aims to create the next generation of Pakistani female change-makers by sparking scientific curiosity through storytelling, technology, and female STEM role models.

If she won the Global Student Prize, Amna would use the funds to develop STEM and partner with the education board to include STEM Girl in the national curriculum. She would also develop her BloomED project: a digital aggregator platform connecting out-of-school girls with Alternative Learning Pathways offered by experts virtually so that no girl is left behind.