Oshin Puri


Oshin Puri

Oshin Puri studies Internal Medicine at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). He is an award-winning physician-scientist in training and has made countless positive contributions towards society through his volunteer work and public health initiatives.

Pursuing research from his very first year, Oshin has been involved in a huge number of projects already across a variety of medical sub-fields. He is winner of the InciSioN International Students’ Surgical Network Global Surgery Research Proposal Program 2021, winner of NeuroHacks 2021 organized by Simply Neurosciences, and is the recipient of two undergraduate Intramural Research Scholarship from the AIIMS, to name just a few grant and proposal successes.

Oshin also actively contributes to several volunteering initiatives, for example at free, student-led health camps where the general population is screened for common pathologies and, if necessary, referred to nearby facilities. Oshin has also volunteered for several yoga and meditation programs of the organization The Art of Living, especially those for supporting youth mental health.

He has worked on a number of community awareness initiatives for the Medical Students Association of India, a number of social impact projects for the Asian Medical Students' Association India, as well as social impact and community awareness initiatives for the Rotaract Club of Medicrew.

At medical school Oshin has joined a number of student organizations, reaching students across internationally through workshops, training, and presentations. With his experience in designing training curriculums, he applied for the Association of Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) Student Initiative Grants 2020 where both of his proposals were among the top 5 Global Recipients.

Oshin is also Chief Editor of the Journal of Asian Medical Students Association (AMSA), reviewer for the Annals & Bulletin Journal, Royal College of Surgeons of England, and reviewer for the Digestive Surgery. He is on the Research Committee and is a Rotating Chair of the International Consortium of Clinician-Scientist Training Organizations (ICCSTO). Through AMSA he has also positively impacted the lives of medical students across the country by organising regular quizzes, creative competitions, and introducing public health fundraisers and drives such as “Tuition for Charity” to polish their professional and personal skills. When COVID-19 impacted medical, he and AMSA colleagues managed to conduct over 800 local and state level events to supplement medical education as well as serve the community.

To overcome resource-availability as a limitation of research for many students, Oshin has also initiated international collaborations such as AMSA X ALSA Legitimed, as well as being a part of the steering committees of ICCSTO and SOCH India. Moreover, he has been a speaker for events in countries across the world to deliver research, education, or share his experiences with other students.

Finally, as a creative in the theatrical arts, Oshin has directed and acted in several street plays cantered around themes of stress and suicide, on-site trauma care as well as addiction.