Naidalmaa Miyajav

Naidalmaa  Miyajav

Founder and Director, IEDC and Education Foundation for Teacher development.

Naidalmaa Miyajav is a linguist, a translator and businesswoman who hails from Mongolia. She is the founder of International Education Development Center (IEDC), which aims to bridge Mongolia’s education sector with international best practices, and the Teacher Development Education Fund, which is currently implementing the Global Teacher Prize Mongolia project.  

Her expertise in International Organization was developed from her education in International Organization, as well as her experience as the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist at the Millennium Challenge Account Mongolia. She is committed to implement the world’s best educational program in Mongolia and to professionally develop the teachers in Mongolia.  

She translated several books for company executives, teachers, children and youths.  

"The youth are learning and growing on the hands of each of the teachers, who propel the development of the education sector. Only the motivation and the diligence of the student will greatly influence the what heights the students will reach.”