Sari Lindblom

Sari  Lindblom

Vice-Rector and Professor of Higher Education University of Helsinki 

Sari Lindblom is Vice-Rector and Professor of Higher Education at the University of Helsinki. During the academic year 2020-2021 she worked as Rector of the University of Helsinki. Sari Lindblom is a licensed psychologist. She is Past President of EARLI (European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction) and WERA (World Education Research Association).

Sari Lindblom has been actively involved in many international research projects. Her research focuses on student learning and teaching at university, for example, on approaches to learning and teaching, procrastination, self-regulation, self-efficacy beliefs, motivation to studying, assessment practices and quality enhancement in higher education. Her publishing name is Lindblom-Ylänne 

"It is a wonderful opportunity for me to be involved in supporting extraordinary students from all over the world to help them change to the world."