Joaquín Walker

Joaquín  Walker

Executive Director Elige Educar 

Joaquín Walker is the Executive Director of Elige Educar ("Choose Teaching", in English), an NGO that aims to strengthen the teaching profession in Chile, motivating high-performing applicants to become teachers and advocating for improving teachers' training and working conditions. With an academic background in Law and a Master of Public Policy at the University of Oxford, he's also a member of the executive board of the Centre of Public Policy of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Lastly, Joaquín, representing Elige Educar, is part of the coordination of Acción Colectiva por la Educación, a network of 25 NGOs in education that advocate for a better education system in Chile. 


"Students are the core of schools and the XXI century education requires strengthening their role as active learners and change makers. Hence, this prize is an opportunity to promote their significant value in societies, making visible their dreams, capacity and projects."