Faustinaa Ganaa

Faustinaa  Ganaa

An English lecturer and Chaplain at the Accra College of Education.  

She is a once time National Teacher Prize Awardee, and has taught throughout all levels of education, Sr. Faustina Ethel Ganaa   has eighteen years teaching experience as a teacher educator at Accra College of Education and the College of Distance Education, University of Cape Coast, Ghana. As a mentor for teachers, she greatly advocated for what she terms as ‘the Social Justice Teacher in the classroom” in connection with learners’ context/needs and teaching standards, creativity and innovation in the classroom. She champions the course of social justice and is engaged in organizing education intervention for the vulnerable child.

Sr. Faustina holds a bachelor’s in English Education from University of Cape Coast, Ghana; MA Teaching English as A Second Language, University of Ghana; MA International Development and Social Change, Clark University, MA, USA; MPhil Curriculum Studies in English, CUCG.

She has served in different capacities in education projects including education boards, teacher professional development, development of teachers’ standards training materials and policies and is also a motivational speaker for the youth. 

Sr Faustina has served as the National Coordinator for the Ghana Teacher Prize and also the coordinator for Teachers’ Standards and Compliance Unit at the National Teachers Council, Ministry of Education, Ghana. Sr Faustina is also a fellow of the Ford Foundation International Fellowship and also of the Compton International Research Fellowship. 

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." William Arthur Ward “A great student is someone who shows up and is all in. A great student comes with the heart forward, mind open, and voice present.” "Great students dive in head first to unknown territory, finding bits of meaning and interest in everything."