Dr. Amy Meenaghan

Dr. Amy  Meenaghan

Lecturer in Psychology in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Portsmouth, UK.

Her teaching covers a range of criminology, psychology and student support modules, and she is Co-Lead for the School’s Virtual Crime Lab. She is involved in interdisciplinary research with a focus on the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality to enhance learner experiences. Her research background started out in offender-based (burglary) research using virtual reality, and she has published on this topic in peer-review journals and academic books.

Her research interests have since expanded into the development of training and educational resources using extended reality technology for maritime security, crime scene investigation and police and probation training. She maintains collaborations within governmental departments, industry and educational establishments to ensure the focus of her work reflects changing circumstances and demands.  Amy hopes to continue to expand the Virtual Crime Lab to provide innovative and evidence-based learning experiences that engage and excite students and educators alike.