Sindey Carolina Bernal

Colegio Enrique Olaya Herrera, Bogotá, Colombia

Sindey  Carolina Bernal

Sindey was inspired to teach by her maths teacher. Upon meeting a group of deaf students, she decided to make her degree project her life purpose. Her dream was to build a fairer society in which everyone had the same opportunities.

Sindey now teaches hearing impaired teenagers and with her knowledge in computer engineering, developed an Intelligent System that recognizes the voice and translates it into sign language. Later, she developed a second Intelligent System that recognizes EEG - electroencephalogram - signals and translates them into verbal-written language.

As a teacher at her school she applied these projects to children with hearing loss and together with her students created three mobile apps. In her Doctorate thesis on Inclusive Education, she developed the project of a virtual classroom to enhance the training of deaf university students. She is currently studying augmented reality with pedagogical innovators.

Sindey created a research hub for more than 400 students and has promoted approximately 100 projects including software, hardware, teaching materials and virtual classrooms to enhance the inclusion of people with disabilities. By taking advantage of technology, she has found new ways to enhance her student’s skills. She has also managed to increase by 80% the number of students who complete their secondary education and continue with higher education, and has had an impact on thousands of people around the world, from researchers and teachers to students and parents.