Favio Hernan Chavez Moran

Cateura Music School, Carapeguá, Paraguay

Favio  Hernan Chavez Moran

Favio was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to an immigrant family who later moved to Carapeguá, Paraguay, where he grew up immersed in a culture of work and effort. Favio loved music and studied Engineering in Human Ecology, in which, as a final thesis, he developed a work on household solid waste. Working in the Cateura de Asunción Landfill, as a technician and responsible for formal education, interacting with workers there he began teaching music to their children.

In 2008, he created the Orchestra of Recycled Instruments of which he is the Director. He is founder of the Carapeguá Chamber Orchestra, of the Chamber Orchestra of the Catholic University of Carapeguá and the Orchestra of the 9 Dept. of Paraguarí. For several years he has served as Director of the Choir of the Cathedral of Carapeguá. He is currently developing a pedagogical system for the use of recycled instruments as a strategy for the musical and environmental education of vulnerable children in communities with limited resources.

Other Schools in Paraguay have also been inspired by the experience of Cateura and have also taken the initiative to link art with recycling. Favio's work and the Orchestra of Cateura has been recognized by the Presidency of the Republic and the Ministry of Tourism of Paraguay, the first time students of a music school have received this distinction in Paraguay.

The orchestra has been replicated in many countries including in Spain, Colombia and Argentina.