Antonio Pérez Moreno

Instituto de Educación Secundaria Ies Sierra Luna, Cádiz, Spain

Antonio  Pérez Moreno

Antonio began teaching support classes in primary and secondary school when he was studying Chemical Sciences at the University. Subsequently, he began teaching vocational training courses for the unemployed and was a teacher in training courses for workers.
Later on, as a high school teacher, he identified a clear lack of adaptation of teaching-learning methods to the 21st century reality. In order to face this problem, he introduced innovative methodologies with two main objectives; first, to ensure that his students were better people, caring and committed to humanitarian and environmental problems; and secondly, that his students learned science in way that was practical to the modern world.

Antonio Pérez Moreno has not only seen his student results rocket due to his embrace of innovative teaching techniques including problem based learning (ABP) and flipped classrooms, he has also had a big impact beyond his own school walls thanks to his popular YouTube channels "Solidarity Science" and "AntonioProfe".
“AntonioProfe” takes different school levels of physics and chemistry, explains the concepts in videos of less than 20 minutes, followed by exercises that students can do to better understand the content. Solidarity Science showcases his students carrying out science projects in their homes or in the school laboratory, with proceeds from the channels being donated to the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR.

His students have become involved in presenting the videos, enhancing their skills and confidence in self-expression, have become more globally and environmentally aware due to the nature of the projects and the funding beneficiaries, and gained valuable audiovisual and computer media experience as they learn how to make a script, record videos, edit them, and manage YouTube channels. Antonio’s education innovations have received widespread publicity and awards in Spain.