Jamie Frost

Tiffin School, Kingston-Upon-Thames, UK

Jamie Frost

Jamie was a successful student at Oxford, winning the Microsoft Research Prize for best undergraduate dissertation and going on to study for a PhD in Computer Science. While teaching as part of his graduate studies, the positive response of his students made him realise that he had a real passion and gift for the profession – so he arranged a week of experience at his old school and the rest is history.

As well as teaching for the last eight years at Tiffin School, Jamie has also created and run a hugely influential and groundbreaking website for maths tuition – DrFrostMaths. The site was developed to both support the school’s lower attaining students and galvanise those who may be disenfranchised with mathematics. However, it has now far outgrown that modest ambition. The site’s learning resources have been downloaded six million times, and anecdotal evidence suggests that the site is used in some capacity by well over half of all secondary schools in the UK. Jamie continues to provide his platform and resources completely free, as he feels it is important for these resources to be available regardless of schools' or families' income. At his school, the platform has contributed to a significant rise in Gold awards in the UK Mathematics Trust’s Maths Challenge – growing from 49 at Junior level in 2012 to 134 Golds in 2019 (thought to be the highest of any school in the UK).

Jamie’s achievements have also reached public awareness. The Times Educational Supplement has featured him as author of the month, and DrFrostMaths was named Teacher Website of the Year in 2016 by resourceaholic.com. He also won his category at the National Teaching Awards and appeared on BBC2’s Britain’s Classroom Heroes in October 2018. He is highly sought after as a speaker and has been invited to tour schools in Malaysia, Singapore and Bangkok, as well as many UK locations. His resources have been used around the world to provide teaching for schools in Zimbabwe, for disabled students, and even for 18-21 year-olds in an Ohio prison.

If awarded the Prize, Jamie would use some of the funds to improve the DrFrostMaths website capacity, as daily page hits are approaching half a million with often over 800 users at any given time. Beyond this, he would also like to increase DrFrostMaths’ international reach and proactively target schools with high levels of social deprivation or struggling mathematics departments.