Join our "If you can... #TeachersMatter" Campaign

12 Feb 2016 | abigaylehunterlodge

Welcome to our blog. If you've made it here it means you can use the internet. You might have even found this link on social media which means you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. If you understand the words on this page you can read. And if you can comprehend the importance of this blog then this makes you pretty remarkable, right? But where did you pick up these skills, the ability, the understanding and the knowledge to read? We aren't born with these skills. You were taught them, systematically, from a very young age. Sometimes you probably didn't even realize you were being taught. And, if this is the case, you’ll be one of the millions in the world that agree that teachers matter. This is why we are inviting you to join our, "If You Can... #TeachersMatter", campaign. We want to celebrate our Global Teacher Prize Finalists and teachers worldwide that have made an impact on your life. We want to celebrate them for being the quiet heroes that they are. They have taught us to read, write, understand, analyse and be successful people. Teachers do it without fanfare, parades or dinners to honour their accomplishments. Their actions help people and set a positive example for others to follow. So please share all the different skills and things you can do because of teachers. Share them on social media using the hashtag, #TeachersMatter. Here are a few examples from our very own Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalists to help you get started! Humaira's students in Pakistan Elisa's student in Mexico. Rashmi's student in India.Linda's student in the USA. Elisa's student in Mexico.

Get involved on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. And don't forget the hashtag. #TeachersMatter