Zayna Aston

Zayna  Aston

Head of YouTube Communications in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Zayna Aston is the head of YouTube Communications for Europe, Middle East and Africa, leading communications strategy across the region. Zayna joined Google in 2011 and has worked across YouTube and Google to help inform and educate users, partners and opinion leaders about the benefits of Google products, company culture/values, and approach to the big policy questions of the day.

Zayna is an expert in the changing models of content viewership, spurred by the rise of video and mobile devices. As a media spokesperson, she regularly appears in the media to explain the YouTube landscape and the evolution of media. In New York, this included a monthly segment on NBC’s Today Show called ‘What’s Clickin’ and weekly guest appearances on a variety of talk radio programmes, including Wall Street Journal radio.

Prior to starting at Google, Zayna worked in entertainment in Los Angeles and has held a variety of roles in the media industry, working within the crossroads of content and technology. Zayna received a joint double masters (MSc/MA) in Global Media and Communications from the London School of Economics and University of Southern California. She has also studied at McGill University in Canada.