Felipe Algorta

Felipe Algorta

Lawyer, Entrepreneur and Politician

Felipe Algorta Brit is an Uruguayan lawyer, entrepreneur and politician. He has worked on education issues in various fields. He was the promoter of the organization "Enseña Uruguay" of the Teach for All network that has been in the country for 5 years now. This is an organization that convinces, selects and accompanies young professionals to become teachers for two years in critical context high schools.

From the political sphere, it has presented initiatives linked to access to quality education for people living in areas of greater socio-economic vulnerability. He taught at the Salesian Pre-University Institute Juan XXIII.

He graduated as a lawyer from the University of the Republic and practices law liberally. As part of his leadership training, he completed the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program at Georgetown University, as well as the State Department's SUSI Program at Amherst College, Massachusetts. 

He has been very active in unionism and politics since he was very young. He was elected representative of the local legislature (councillor) of the department of Durazno for two consecutive terms, having held the presidency of the body for one year.

He has also served as an alternate deputy for two terms and will soon be a full deputy. He was President of the Rural Youth Association of Uruguay and the magazine Paula, of the newspaper El País, mentioned him as one of the 15 young promises in 2007.