The World Celebrates Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalists

10 févr. 2016 | abigaylehunterlodge

It’s not just us celebrating the Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalists! The world’s media and leaders are celebrating them as well. Here are some of the amazing ways our finalists have been celebrated by their countries, towns, schools and students. Michael Soskil Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalist Michael Soskil was celebrated by The Scranton Times-Tribune with a front page story in The Sunday Times. You can read the article here. They also honoured him with this billboard which is located on the highway near his hometown in Pennsylvania. Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalist Mike Soskil's Billboard Mike is the head teacher of Wallenpaupack South Elementary School in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania and a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching. Dhaval Bathia Dhaval's students and school celebrated him by printing a large banner to proudly hang at the school and the children formed a Global Teacher Prize formation in the playground. What a fun way to celebrate a great teacher. Global Teacher Prize Celebrations Dhaval was a mathematical child prodigy who came to attention in his youth for his ability to calculate very fast. Although he graduated as a lawyer, he decided to enter the world of teaching. He is on a global crusade to eliminate the phobia of mathematics among young learners, and has taught in many countries, including Kuwait, UAE, USA, UK, Oman, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Singapore. He has advised the governments of India and Mauritius on policy matters in education, and has received 16 national and international awards and titles for his work. Colin Hegarty Shortly after the announcement of the top 50 teachers Colin was celebrated by the press in the United Kingdom. He appeared on many national and regional radio and television programmes where he spoke about the importance of teaching and what makes a great teacher. Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalist Colin Hegarty on Sky News Here are links to his appearances on BBC London 94.9, ITV 1 London and Sky News. Colin was raised in a one-bedroom council flat in London and was taught that education was the best way to improve his life. He is the first person in his family to attend university, reading mathematics at Oxford and gaining a first-class degree. Colin teaches maths to high school students in London and applies a flipped classroom approach that makes extensive use of self-developed online resources. His teaching reaches far beyond his own students with a free website he has created, Jawdat Sisan Jawdat was celebrated by his students in a way we see sports stars celebrated. He was lifted on to their shoulders while they all cheered for him! A great way to celebrate! Global Teacher Prize Celebrations Palestine Jawdat gave up an opportunity to work in theatre in order to pursue teaching, which he felt would be more suited to expressing his variety of skills and capabilities. He is an innovator with a vivid imagination who tries to strike out beyond traditional ideas. Jelmer Evers The Dutch media and The Netherland's Prime Minister Mark Rutte celebrated Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalist Jelmer Evers. He appeared on RTL Late Night with the prime minister. Where they had a conversation about Evers' ideas for classroom innovation and how to creative an interactive classroom. Here is the video from the program, where Jelmer speaks (in Dutch) about teaching: Jelmer currently teaches history at UniC in Utrecht. He was driven to become a teacher by his own educational experience. He described himself as an average pupil who only came into his own with the encouragement of his economics teacher at the age of 17. He aims to provide a holistic education to his students and became a reformer of the Dutch education system. He has been building an international teacher leadership network and was nominated for the Dutch Teacher of the Year award in 2012. Inés Bulacio and Graciana Mabel Goicoechandia Global Teacher Prize Top 50 finalists Inés Bulacio and Graciana Mabel Goicoechandia were celebrated in Argentina by being invited to meet the President, Mauricio Marci. They also met Argentina's Minister of Education, Esteban Bullrich. Global Teacher Prize Finalists Meet the President of Argentina Graciana originally trained as a systems analyst and programmed accounting systems, but soon found that teaching was her true vocation. In the 1997 National Internet Olympics her students in Las Flores were identified as being among the 15 most internet-savvy groups of students in the nation, a remarkable feat given that at the time the school did not even have a telephone line. She has continued to enroll her students in online national and international competitions, and together they have won several prizes. Inés is not a normal teacher who teaches in front of a class. Instead, she teaches students in a Buenos Aries hospital and in their homes if they have illnesses that makes school-going impractical. She was also celebrated by the hospital ward, where she provides formal education to sick children who are hospital bound. Such a wonderful way to celebrate. Global Teacher Prize Finalist Celebrated by StudentsBarbara Riccardi Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalist Barbara Riccadi was celebrated in Italy. She met Italy's Minister of Education Steafania Giannini. Barbara was also interviewed and celebrated on Italian National Television. Watch the video here (in Italian) Barbara started her career as a physical education teacher and now teaches a range of subjects at a primary school on the outskirts of Rome. She is also in charge of the school’s public relations and the organisation of a wide range of educational events for students. Some of her many projects include summer camps for needy families; the televised show “Parents and Kids Band” during the White Night of Museums in Rome; a project on Italian and Kenyan food recipes in collaboration with the UNHCR; and the television newscast “Tg School” which put her students in charge of filming and doing interviews. Nesrin Shafik Al Bakaeen Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abduallah, Queen of Jordan, met 2016 Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalist Nesrin Shafik Al Bakaeen. What an honour and great way to be celebrated! Nesrin is a high school mathematics teacher who has set up a range of charitable projects. Some of these initiatives aim to empower women in the community by offering professional training and literacy courses, often run by female students. Her regional educational projects, notably those focusing on students who are afraid of mathematics, have led to a significantly higher pass rate amongst students and gained her school the status of a model school. She has launched an initiative to provide mathematics teachers across Jordan with a range of modern teaching tools and methods, which was implemented in cooperation with the Queen Rania’s Association for Educational Excellence. Warren Sparrow and Colleen Henning South Africa celebrated it's two Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalists Warren Sparrow and Colleen Henning with an interview on SABC News. The Varkey Foundation and Global Teacher Prize Chief Executive, Vikas Pota was also interviewed. Warren and Colleen shared the methods they employ in their schools and explained why they are successful at teaching subjects that are traditional difficult, such as science, technology and maths. Watch the interview below. Warren Sparrow has been teaching at Rondebosch Boys’ Preparatory Schools for the last fifteen years, having previously taught in traditional African schools, some in very poor communities. He loves the things that can be done with technology – particularly that new software enables him to keep changing the way he teaches. In the absence of a national ICT curriculum he can freely design his lessons and takes care to construct interdisciplinary authentic learning experiences. Colleen Henning began her career in particle physics. While tutoring university students and teaching part-time as a postgraduate, she discovered her talent for teaching and her love of making a difference to others. As a science teacher in South Africa, she works with students from all kinds of backgrounds and makes a point of teaching tolerance in her classes by encouraging group work and discussions. Her students achieve significantly higher grades than average and regularly receive awards at international science fairs. One student team won the CERN Beam Line for Schools competition and was invited to conduct experiments on site at CERN. Colleen's comment about being a top 50 teacher To view more celebrations visit our facebook page, Global Teacher Prize, and click on the album Global Teacher Prize 2016 School Celebrations. Congratulations to all our finalists! You've been honoured in many different ways!