The Top Ten Reasons Why Teachers Matter

07 févr. 2016 | abigaylehunterlodge

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” -Benjamin Franklin
Why do teachers matter? It might seem like a simple question but it’s one with many answers. Teachers are important to every community on our planet. They contribute to each aspect of society and their influence touches all our lives. Teachers matter in so many different ways. In the build up to the announcement of the 10 finalists in the Global Teacher Prize, we thought we’d look at this question and come up with our 10 most important reasons why teachers matter. We’ll be revealing one a day up to the announcement of the finalists. Why do teachers matter to you? Share your thoughts with us on social media using the #TeachersMatter. They have the most important job in the worldThey have the most important job in the world In the build-up to the Global Teacher Prize, we’ve featured amazing stories of teachers who help children to overcome overwhelming odds and difficult social conditions. Others help students overcome physical handicaps or have devised innovative new ways to get their message across. They are inspiring stories and deserve all the recognition they receive. Yet we believe that every teacher in every community around the globe has an equally heroic role. They are shaping the way our children see the world and guiding the next generation. The have the most important job in the world as the future of our communities and societies as a whole is in their hands. Click here to meet the 50 inspiring teachers shortlisted for the Global Teacher Prize. They help under-achievers to fly and keep over-achievers groundedThey help under achievers to fly Every teacher knows that there are some children who put their hand up for every question, who long to be noticed and crave attention. And there are others who only want to stay quietly at the back of the class and strive to be invisible. It takes the special skill of teachers to encourage the quiet ones to speak out and have confidence in their ability. And also to keep able children grounded and respectful of others. Click here to meet the incredible Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalists helping children to soar every day. They listen, coach and mentorThey Listen coach and mentor Teachers do so much more than teach. In Palestine, one teacher has devised innovative new ways to help children cope with the violence that’s part of their everyday lives. In Mumbai, a teacher helps girls trapped in Mumbai’s sex industry to change the direction of their lives. All over the world we see examples of teachers going beyond the call of duty to be agents of positive social change. Click here to see the all the Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalists They make the mundane extraordinaryThey make the mundane extraordinary In Malaysia, Noorjahan Sultan has devised a brilliant rhyming method to teach her students English. In Palestine, Jawdat Sisan uses dances and drama to bring his lessons to life. Whether it’s baking cakes to explain plant cell structure or using the chunks of a chocolate bar to illuminate fractions, teachers are constantly inventing ingenious ways to make complex problems easy and dull subjects exciting. It’s what makes teaching one of the most creative careers in the world. Click here to see meet the Top 50 Global Teacher Prize Finalists who are extraordinary teachers from around the world. They simplify the complexThey simplify the complex It’s that ‘eureka’ moment; when a student suddenly understands a problem or concept that had previously seemed incomprehensible. The mist lifts and the bewildering suddenly become clear. Great teachers have the special ability to achieve that breakthrough, make the complicated simple and make a child’s eyes light up. Click here to see meet the Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalist who simplify the complex for their students! They help us reveal our skillsThey help us reveal our skills Every child has their strengths and their own unique talents. For some students however, it takes time to reveal them and dedication to nurture them. Careful, patient teaching brings out the best in all of us and helps us to fulfill our potential. Click here to see our Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalists who reveal skills in their students daily. They teach us life skillsThey teach us life skills The best teachers know that knowing how to sew on a button can be as important as the ability to solve equations. So they don’t just teach 123 and ABC. They equip us for life ahead with the practical skills we need to survive and the communication skills we need to thrive in the adult world. Click here to find 50 teachers who help their students prepare for life ahead. They are quiet heroesThey are quiet heros Their day begins before their students are even awake and can carry on long into the evening. They work in front of children, the world’s toughest audience with patience and understanding. They do one of the most important jobs in the world for little financial reward. We think teachers are the quiet heroes of our communities. Click here to meet our Top 50 Finalists. They are our quiet heroes that we just can't keep quiet about! They educate usThe educate us If you can read, write or solve an equation, you know who to thank. So much of what we know about the world comes from our teachers who equip us with the knowledge, skills and wisdom we need in our lives. As Benjamin Franklin said, "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." Click here to view our 50 finalists who work hard to give their students the best education possible. They inspire usTen Reasons Why Teachers Matter Some of the world’s most famous people point to a special teacher as the inspiration behind their success. For Oprah Winfrey it was her fourth grade teacher, Mrs Duncan, who she describes as her ‘first liberator’. British actress Helen Mirren, dedicated her Bafta award to her old English teacher while Microsoft founder and philanthropist, Bill Gates, remembers his Maths and English teachers with special reverence. ‘There’s no way there’d be a Microsoft without them doing what they did’, he says. Click here to get inspired by our top 50 Global Teacher Prize finalists. Check back tomorrow for the next reason why teachers matter.