The Buzz About the 2016 Top 50 Finalists

11 déc. 2015 |

This week we announced the Top 50 Finalists for the 2016 Global Teacher Prize. News outlets, heads of state, finalists and their colleagues, Academy members of the prize, and more are excited to share the news about these amazing teachers from around the world! Here are just a selection of the great Tweets. Students and faculty of finalists Jelmer Evers in The Netherlands and Rashmi Kathuria of India congratulated their incredible educators:

Brazil celebrated their finalist Marcio de Andrade Batista:

Australia is excited about their finalists, including Richard Johnson:

American finalist Joe Fatheree thanked his community and supporters:

Several prominent UK media outlets including the BBC and Skynews Sunrise interviewed finalist Colin Hegarty:

Finalist Rashmi Kathuria from India celebrated with fellow teachers when the announcement was released:

Colleagues in India were proud of finalist Santhi Karamcheti:

The UN Refugee Agency congratulated Aqeela Asifi of Pakistan:

The Canadian finalist Belinda Daniels gave an inspiring interview:

Latvian news interviewed finalist Dana Narvaisa:

The team of finalist Humaira Bachal of Pakistan celebrated:

Argentina is proud of finalists Ines Bulacio and Graciana Mabel Goicoechandia:

Finalist Jelmer Evers of The Netherlands appeared on TV with pundits including Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and received the "best compliments" from his country's education leaders:

American finalist Ron Clark, like all the finalists, is highly appreciated by his community:

Top 10 Finalists for the 2015 Prize, including Stephen Ritz and Aziz Royesh, shared their heartfelt enthusiasm:

The US Secretary of Education gave his thanks and congratulations:

The US Department of Education highlighted the American finalists:

Global Teacher Prize Academy Members Wendy Kopp and Lin Kobayashi offered their congratulations:

Share your own messages about the finalists on Twitter and Facebook, and be sure to include the hashtag '#TeachersMatter'! We invite you to read about all the finalists and the incredible results they are achieving in their schools and communities.