Take the Top 10 Finalists' Global Teacher Prize Quiz

09 mars 2016 | abigaylehunterlodge

We put your knowledge to the test with our Global Teacher Prize Quiz. Now it's time for our top 10 Teachers to put your knowledge to the test with these quiz questions all relating to the country they teach in or the subject they teach! If you can solve these problems #TeachersMatter! Share with us on Twitter and Facebook what you think the answers are using the hashtag #TeachersMatter! Question 1 from Aqeela AsifiGlobal Teacher Prize Quiz - AqeelaQuestion 2 from Ayub MohamudGlobal Teacher Prize Quiz - Ayub MohamudQuestion 3 from Colin HegartyGlobal Teacher Prize Quiz - ColinQuestion 4 from Hanan Al HroubGlobal Teacher Prize Quiz - Hanan Al HroubQuestion 5 from Joe FathereeGlobal Teacher Prize Quiz - Joe FathereeQuestion 6 from Kazuya TakahashiGlobal Teacher Prize Quiz - Kazuya TakahashiQuestion 7 from Maarit RossiGlobal Teacher Prize Quiz - Maarit RossiQuestion 8 from Michael SoskilGlobal Teacher Prize Quiz - Michael SoskilQuestion 9 from Richard JohnsonGlobal Teacher Prize Quiz - Richard JohnsonQuestion 10 from Robin ChaurasiyaGlobal Teacher Prize Quiz - Robin Chaurasiya Don't forget to share your answers with us using the hashtag #TeachersMatter