Global Education & Skills Forum Day 2 Highlights

13 mars 2016 | abigaylehunterlodge

"Education is the only way to move forward. We can never build any nation without proper education."-His Excellency Elias Bou Saab, Minster of Education, Lebanon
Day two of the Global Education & Skills Forum has begun! Just like yesterday, we will keep you up to date on everything happening via this blog and our social channels. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay up to date. [caption id="attachment_6569" align="aligncenter" width="810"]IMG_0186 4 of the Fabulous Global Teacher Prize Finliasts[/caption] Day Two Plenary The Global Education & Skills Forum began this morning with a Plenary. It started with a Special Address from His Excellency, Elias Bou Saab, Minster for Education, Lebanon who addressed the refugee crisis. It was followed by an inspirational live link to school children in Nepal, Singapore and Ghana who shared with us their hopes and dreams for their futures. Vikas Pota, CEO, Varkey Foundation welcomed on stage the chairmen of three new alliances designed to connect policy to practice. The alliance for teachers, the alliance for innovation, and the alliance for girls education. The Global Teacher Prize finalists were then introduced on stage and handed their top 10 medals. They were welcomed with roaring applause and a standing ovation from the audience. No matter who wins tonight they are all inspirational. SD4_6782EDTalk: Flip the system - Changing education from the ground up Top 50 Finalist, Jelmer Evers, hosted an EDTalk on flipping the system. He spoke about his book he wrote and how he is helping to reform the education system in Holland from the ground up. SD4_6806Top 10 Finalist Masterclass: A lesson in creativity from Tokyo, JapanGESF 2016 Quote Kazuya Top 10 Finalist, Kazuya Takahashi, taught his Masterclass this morning. In his lesson he demonstrated, using lego how all students learn differently and it's about "how you think and create. We all have different kinds of knowledge." This was made very clear when he asked the class to share how they calculated the area of the continent with their lego blocks. Everyone worked together and several different methods were used. IMG_0147 Kazuya stated, "We have to teach kids to be responsible with what they learn and I teach my kids to be creative, to be responsible and to be independent." It was a great masterclass that put a smile on everyone's face. Who doesn't like playing with lego? Top 50 Finalist Masterclass: A lesson in early childhood development from MexicoElisa Guerra Cruz, Top 50 Finalist, held a Masterclass on early childhood development and how to help young children learn to read and excel in school. Her classroom was full and they were loving their lesson! Top 10 Finalist Masterclass: A lesson in early primary STEM education from Perth, AustraliaGESF 2016 Quote Richard J Top 10 Finalist, Richard Johnson, taught his Masterclass to a full classroom. He welcomed us to his 3D world as he calls it. With a big smile on his face he said, "I get so excited about my lab. If a primary school student can do it. We can do it." He shared with the class all the different types of technologies they use in his classroom including 3D printing, virtual reality, augmented reality, robotics and much much more. Top 10 Teacher Joe Fatheree got involved answering questions. Richard then did a show and tell with all the incredible things his children have created on the 3D printer. Possibly the most impressive bit was showing us a four face video! Everyone in the lesson was blown away. There was a very touching moment from his Masterclass was when a fellow Australian stood up and shared about just how respected Richard is in Australia. "He won't tell you himself, but he has put in so many years of hard work to get to this point and I just want to say, you're a legend mate!" You can see why his students love his teaching methods! IMG_0547Debate Chamber: This House believes that we are becoming too focused on STEM educationIMG_0027 2015 Global Teacher Prize Winner, Nancie Atwell, was in the debate chamber this afternoon debating for the subject of we are becoming too focused on STEM education. She believes that we should educate students for whatever world they encounter after graduation. It was a lively debate with thought provoking statements from both sides. Top 10 Finalist Masterclass: A lesson in mathematics from London, UKGESF 2016 Quote Colin (1)Colin Hegarty, Top 10 Finalist, taught his Masterclass this afternoon to a packed classroom of eager maths students. He started his lesson by sharing with the class, "I find it tragic that students experience failure in the maths classroom." Colin believes maths is important for three reasons, utility, social mobility and empowerment. Colin also shared the three tips that he believes helps him to better teach maths and empower his students. The first thing he does is have the children write a letter to him explaining how they feel about maths. He shared stories of students who asked him not to call on them because it makes them feel sick and other students who ask not to be sat by their friends because they will struggle to pay attention. "Students open up in a way you wouldn't expect," Colin commented. He also said in his classroom he has a wall of inspiration. He wants his students to know failure is ok as long as you are trying. And the best classroom resource is a whiteboard. Mistakes can be wiped away and he can see exactly how the students are working out the problems. There was also a touching moment when a delegate came up to Colin to tell him, "my daughter passed her A-levels with 97% because of your videos. Thank you!" Top 10 Finalist Masterclass: A lesson in STEM from Newfoundland, USAGESF 2016 Quote Mike (1) Top 10 Finalist, Mike Soskil, held the final Masterclass of the Global Education and Skills Forum and what an inspirational class it was. Mike's passion for education shines through everything he does. In Mike's opinion STEM isn't about the subjects that make up STEM, but how kids can put everything together to problem solve and that is just what happens in Mike's class. "Passion is contagious. We need to expose our kids to passionate people," says Mike. In his classroom it's all about service learning. Taking what you are learning in the classroom and applying it to help others and make the world a better place. An emotional connection aids in intrinsic motivation. Mike shared various stories about how his children have connected with other schools around the world and used their resources to make something happen. He has created problem solvers of the world through his teaching methods. Mike ended his class with a story. To summarise what he said, this is not the best moment of my life as great as it is. The best moment of my life was watching Kenyan children hug their water filters that my students helped bring to a rural village. It wasn't because of the joy on the kids faces in Kenya it was because of my students and knowing they made this happen. That is a wrap on Day 2 of the Global Education & Skills forum! It's now nearly time for the Global Teacher Prize Ceremony! We can't wait! IMG_0150