About the Global Student Prize

The Chegg.org Global Student Prize is a US$50,000 award presented to an exceptional student, making a real impact on learning, the lives of their peers and on society beyond.

  • The Varkey Foundation has launched the Chegg.org Global Student Prize this year, a US$50,000 sister award to the Global Teacher Prize, to highlight the efforts of extraordinary students throughout the world that are making a real impact on learning, the lives of their peers and on society beyond. The application and nomination process has now closed. The finalists will be announced in late August 2021.

    Chegg.org is the impact, advocacy, and research arm of Chegg: addressing the issues facing the modern student. The Global Student Prize is open to all students who are at least 16 years old and enrolled in an academic institution or training and skills programme. Part time students as well as students enrolled in online courses are also eligible for the prize.

    Today’s students are burdened with so many challenges: living through the greatest disruption to learning in history, shouldering high levels personal debt, and navigating a job market that is undergoing rapid transformation in the midst of an economic crisis. But as the burden of the past falls on students’ shoulders, they have the power to change the world and build their future.

    Students applying for the Global Student Prize will be assessed on their academic achievement, impact on their peers, how they make a difference in their community and beyond, how they overcome the odds to achieve, how they demonstrate creativity and innovation, and how they operate as global citizens.

The Global Student Prize will be narrowed down to a Top 50 shortlist. From the Top 50 finalists, the Top 10 finalists will be announced later in the year, helping to provide worldwide recognition for high achieving students. The winner of the prize will be chosen by the Global Student Prize Academy, made up of prominent individuals from around the world, and will be announced live at a ceremony later in the year.

Why apply for the Global Student Prize?

• National and international recognition of your achievements – as a top 50 shortlisted candidate, top 10 finalist or the overall winner.
• The chance to become engaged in national and international discussions on policy and campaigns affecting students and student education. This includes sharing a platform with the winner of the Global Teacher Prize.
• Membership of the Chegg Changemaker community for the top 50 finalists –a global community of students working together to make life better for their peers and the world they will inherit.
• The potential to win the Global Student Prize and receive a prize of US$50,000 as well as attend the winning ceremony.

Criteria and Eligibility

Candidates for the Global Student Prize will be judged on a rigorous set of criteria to identify an exceptional student, making a real impact on learning, the lives of their peers and on society beyond.