Premios nacionales

El Global Teacher Prize inspiró a más de 40 países a hacer su premio nacional y celebrar a sus mejores docentes

El éxito del Global Teacher Prize ha inspirado a países de todo el mundo a establecer sus propios premios para encontrar y honrar a sus mejores profesores.

Hoy en día, hay más de 40 Premios Nacionales de Docentes en países de todo el mundo, desde América Latina hasta Europa, Medio Oriente, África y Asia. Esa cifra está creciendo rápidamente: 17 estados establecieron premios nacionales para docentes solo en 2017.

La Varkey Foundation se asocia con los organizadores de los Premios Nacionales de Maestros y ofrece asesoramiento experto sobre los procesos de solicitud y nominación, así como sobre los criterios para juzgar. La fundación también promueve los Premios nacionales de docentes en todo el mundo.

Para obtener más información sobre cómo configurar un Premio Nacional de Maestro en su país, comuníquese con Sonal Patel, Gerente de Marketing.

El Global Teacher Prize se creó para mejorar el respeto, la recompensa y la celebración de los docentes de todo el mundo. Lo hace enfocándose en grandes maestros y compartiendo sus notables historias. En última instancia, queríamos inspirar a los mejores candidatos posibles para que se unan a la profesión docente, y estamos encantados de que estos objetivos compartidos estén arraigándose con éxito en cada país.

Vikas Pota, Director Ejecutivo, The Varkey Foundation

  • Australia

    Each year, Schools Plus Australia recognises 12 excellent teachers and school leaders who are making a transformative and measurable impact on their students and school communities. 

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  • Bosnia & Herzegovina

    The aim of the annual award, Nagrada za Inovativne Nastavnike, is to recognise and promote those individuals who make an immeasurable contribution to the development of education, as professionals who turn every day in kindergarten or school into a magical adventure of learning and discovery.  

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  • Chile

    The Global Teacher prize Chile, seeks to recognise teachers in the country who are transforming the lives of their students and their communities through innovative practices.

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  • Colombia

    The Share Award is a tribute to the most outstanding teachers and principals in the country, with the aim of promoting the social value of their work, making their pedagogical practices visible and supporting their professionalisation. 

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  • Ecuador

    The main objective of the Educational Excellence Contest, held annually by Fundación FIDAL, is to recognise the best educators in Ecuador and Latin America who contribute to the improvement of the quality of education and enhance the high values of the teaching profession.

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  • Georgia

    The National Teacher Award - Georgia is part of a global campaign aimed at promoting the profession, increasing its prestige, identifying successful teachers and presenting them to the public. 

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  • Ghana

    The Ghana Best Teacher award was introduced in 1995, to motivate teachers for higher performance and also restore the respect the profession should enjoy.

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  • Italy

    The Atlante - Italian Teacher Award pays tribute to the many women and men who spend every day for the education and training of the new generations, offering them the tools to know and interpret the world around them and posing them new challenges to measure themselves. 

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  • Malaysia

    The Malaysia Teacher Prize (MTP) is organized to appreciate, celebrate and highlight outstanding teachers in Malaysia.

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  • Mexcio

    In 2020 STEM Movement launched the Premio Docentes Extraordinarios, the National Teacher Prize Mexico in recognition of teachers for their efforts and, therefore benefiting millions of students throughout Mexico.

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  • Mongolia

    The Ministry of Education and Science and the Teacher Development Support Education Foundation work together to organise a national competition to select the best teachers in the country, with the aim of appreciating their work, and disseminating ideas. 

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  • Portugal

    The Global Teacher Prize Portugal, is given annually to a selected teacher in recognition of their exceptional work with students and extraordinary contribution to their profession. 

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  • Slovakia

    As part of the CEEV Živica initiative and the Comenius Institute, we want to find and appreciate inspiring teachers of primary and secondary schools in Slovakia. 

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  • Slovenia

    The project “I am a teacher! I am a teacher!”, is an initiative that aims to highlight the great Slovenian teachers for exceptional examples of their innovation, dedication to students and responsibility. 

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  • Ukraine

    Global Teacher Prize Ukraine was established in 2017 by Osvitoria NGO. The award is designed to celebrate the achievements of teachers not only about their students but also in relation to society in general and emphasize the importance of teachers in Ukraine.

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  • Uruguay

    The ReachingU Prize, launched in 2019, was introduced in to recognise teachers as a local version of the Varkey Foundation's Global Teacher Prize.

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  • Albania
    Sierra Leone
  • Argentina
    Czech Republic
The Global Teacher Prize was set up to enhance the respect, reward and celebration of teachers around the world. It does this by shining a spotlight on great teachers and sharing their remarkable stories. Ultimately, we wanted to inspire the best possible candidates to join the teaching profession, and we are thrilled that these shared goals are now successfully taking root in individual countries.

Sunny Varkey, Founder, Varkey Foundation.

For more information on how to work with the Global Teacher Prize team to set up a National Teacher Prize in your country or to help support your existing prize, please contact the team.