UK Media Celebrates 2016 Top 50 Finalist Colin Hegarty

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Featured picture: Colin Hegarty with Sky News team. Source: Colin Hegarty’s Twitter account.

Since the announcement of the 2016 Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalists on 9th December, the world has celebrated these incredible teachers and honoured their contributions to the teaching career. United Kingdom teacher Colin Hegarty is one of them — he was hosted on many television and radio programs to speak about the importance of teaching and what makes a great teacher.

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Here are some of the TV and radio programs which hosted Top 50 Finalist Colin Hegarty during a last two days:

1. BBC London 94.9 (Radio) – U.K. Regional Radio
Colin says that to be a good teacher you need to show kids how to have self control, and that you really care about them. He also said that teachers need to have a real passion and enthusiasm about the subject, and the ability to explain things very well.

2. ITV 1 London – U.K. National
Colin tells the story of how the idea of came to him. One of his students had a very ill father, and he asked Colin for a way to keep up with studies. Colin decided to start an online math platform for students who have to miss school or can’t pay for private tuition.

3. Sky News – U.K. National
In this program, Colin discusses the success of his online platform Thousands of students are using this website to learn math online for free. Over five million visitors have visited the website since it started. He said that making math fun and making student confident that they can solve math problems easily is the key to being a good math teacher.

More about Colin

Colin has a very interesting life story. He was raised in a one-bedroom council flat in London by Irish immigrant parents and was taught that education was the best way to improve one’s life. He went on to be the first person in his family’s history to attend university, reading mathematics at Oxford and gaining a first-class degree. His mission is to show children that they too can do maths – as well as anything else in life – if they believe in themselves, work hard, and have the right support.

Colin teaches maths to high school students in London and applies a flipped classroom approach that makes extensive use of self-developed online resources. His teaching extends far beyond his own students though. The 1,500 videos on learning maths that he has created and made available for free on his website have received nearly 5 million views and have been used in at least 65 UK schools to date.

Colin is a sought-after presenter at conferences and teacher training sessions. In addition, he blogs regularly about educational issues and was rated in the UK as one of the top 50 most influential bloggers. His most popular posts discuss improving maths confidence, the similarities of teachers and entrepreneurs, and the role of technology in education.

In 2014/2015 he won the UK Teacher of the Year award for teaching excellence and the influence his online work has had on pupils, parents and teachers.


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