Brilliant TED Talk by Bronx Teacher and Prize Finalist Stephen Ritz

Global Teacher Prize finalist Stephen Ritz, a teacher in NYC’s South Bronx, gave a brilliant TEDx Manhattan talk! Stephen is using horticulture in his classroom to not only teach biology and science. He is using it to help cultivate nurturing and conscious adults.

In his talk Stephen describes the food desert that his students in the Bronx are living in, and how urban farming is a way to teach help them live healthy lives. Stephen says, “If you expand their palates, you expand their minds!” He is also growing plants to teach them about the way the world works and open their eyes to greater opportunities  for their futures!

During his speech Stephen yells, “I’m not a farmer, I am a people farmer and the kids are my seeds and this is about trying to grow something greater!” He also talks about how happily surprised he was to become a finalist in the Global Teacher Prize and shared how he wants to use that opportunity to share this green movement among urban classrooms.

Watch his exciting and passionate speech about the relationship between growing food and academic and life success!


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