Some of the Brightest Minds Celebrating World Teachers’ Day

We are honoured to celebrate World Teachers’ Day along with hundreds of the world’s countries. Since UNESCO inaugurated the day in 1994, each year on October 5th is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on teachers (aka heroes) and their importance in communities around the world! Now 21 years later, the celebration comes during a crucial time in history when many countries are experiencing a large teacher shortage and a need for more teacher training, support, and overall, an elevation of the status of the teaching profession.

The Global Teacher Prize is celebrating World Teachers’ Day by inviting outstanding teachers from all backgrounds to share their stories on a global stage. World leaders, celebrities, and educators around the world have joined our movement and are urging exceptional teachers to apply for the 2016 Teacher Prize. Many of these leaders are also members of the Prize Academy who will decide the finalists and winner for next year’s Prize!

Here are just some of the reasons why they believe that the Teacher Prize is so important for teachers.








Today is YOUR day, teachers! Let’s celebrate your invaluable work! Apply for the 2016 Teacher Prize. The deadline to apply is this Saturday, 10 October.


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