Queen Rania with Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalists

Queen Rania Celebrates Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalists

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Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abduallah, Queen of Jordan, met 2016 Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalist Nesrin Shafik Al Bakaeen and also 2015 Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalists Randa Abdul Aziz and Hanan Al-Madaheen today. What an honour for these amazing teachers.

Queen Rania is passionate about education. She believes that every Jordanian girl and boy, and all children should have access not only to stimulating classrooms and modern curricula, but also to inspiring teachers like our own Top 50 finalists. She is committed to the public education system in Jordan and has her own education Foundation called, The Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development

About Nesrin


Nesrin Shafik Al Bakaeen, 2016 Global Teacher Prize Top 50 Finalist is a high school mathematics teacher who has set up a range of charitable projects. Some of these initiatives aim to empower women in the community by offering professional training and literacy courses, often run by female students.

Her regional educational projects, notably those focusing on students who are afraid of mathematics, have led to a significantly higher pass rate amongst students and gained her school the status of a model school. She has launched an initiative to provide mathematics teachers across Jordan with a range of modern teaching tools and methods, which was implemented in cooperation with the Queen Rania’s Association for Educational Excellence. In addition, Nesrin has run a large number of teacher training courses and has published articles in the Jordanian Teacher’s Mission magazine. She has also led international student projects to transcend borders through e-learning and distance learning and to promote acceptance of different cultures and backgrounds.

In recognition of her achievements, Nesrin was awarded Outstanding Teacher in the Kingdom of Jordan for 2009.

About Randa

Randa started as a furniture designer, but having children herself spurred a career change and she joined the Education Ministry as a teacher. After seven years of teaching arts education, she received the Queen Rania Award for Excellence.

Randa sees her role at Al Amawie District Secondary School in Amman as that of a guide on academic, personal, social and even emotional level, and she aims to provide a positive energy around herself. Helping students develop general skills, Randa teaches them techniques for researching, brainstorming, decision making, team work, communicating and debating, and she exposes them to IT. She organises expositions of student art works on topics like family violence, women’s rights and healthy eating, and she managed to obtain funding from Starbucks to improve the facilities at her school.

About Hanan

Not being from a privileged background, Hanan realised at a very early age that education was her only opportunity to achieve a better life. She currently teaches physics at King Abdullah II School for Excellence in Aqaba and has received the Queen Rania Distinguished Teacher Award.
She uses a teaching style that is very interactive and includes fun experiments and engaging scientific websites.

Hanan makes a point of showing physics’ real-world significance and gives students room for hands-on research that sometimes takes them outside of the classroom. In the Fluid Mechanics class, she uses aviation to teach the concepts of fluids in motion. Her students are asked to create presentations and papers about the history of aviation and airplane design.

Hanan participated in establishing the general framework for the physics curriculum in Jordan, and she has been sharing his professional insights at many educational conventions, in newspapers, online and in workshops.

Congratualations to Nesrin, Randa and Hanan! A well deserved honour.


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