LeBron James: Helping Students Become Winners

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Featured Image: LeBron on ‘Education Nation’, NBC News

LeBron James is a highly decorated athlete. He’s won multiple championships, been awarded many MVP honours, and earned two Olympic Gold medals. Most people don’t know, however, that he’s also been helping to provide education opportunities to students in low income communities.

LeBron has been working hard to give back to the communities he grew up in. During his childhood, he faced financial hardship and had to move quite frequently. Despite all of that, he went on to great success in school and sports, learning on the court and off.

Here are 3 facts about his philanthropic work aiding students in their education:


1. His students are actually inspired. His Wheels For Education program centers around the motto ‘I Promise’. This promise is between students, parents, and representatives of the LeBron James Family Foundation, which kids engage in from joining the program until graduation. If they follow these promises (which include making good choices, being respectful, and engaging in better learning) than the LJFF returns this with a promise of support and financial aid. Students and parents in the program reported a 93% increase in motivation to do their best in schools, and their grades reflect this with an almost equal percent receiving better grades than when they began the program.


2. He’s putting his money where his mouth is, committing to sending as many as 2,300 Akron, Ohio, students to college from 2021 through 2029. That’s roughly $42 million in scholarships. His work has inspired the Governor of Ohio to start two initiatives that are improving grades as well. Akron’s students are performing best out Ohio’s largest urban school districts.

Baby Lebron

Lebron’s Grade-School Picture

3. His students aren’t just children. LeBron started a program called ‘I PROMISE, Too’ which focuses on parent development. In order to empower the education careers of the parents getting help, they’re providing class and test fees, and transportation so parents can earn their GEDs.

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