Xuxo Ruiz Dominquez

Ceip San Sebastián


When Xuxo started his teaching his greatest challenge was to make surethat his future students were always happy with school. He realized that most students were unmotivated to learn, and his answer was magic. He started using Magic and Illusion in classes, for primary or secondary schools and in Physical Education, Language, Mathematics, and Science. Not only to motivate, but also as an excellent resource for explaining content, improving behaviours and qualifications, encouraging self-esteem or mediating conflicts. The academic results of the students improved, as they were more motivated to go to school, they were happy and demonstrated this with improved behaviour
and results. His students, improved year after year. Learning magic and illusions helps his students improve their self esteem and learn how to speak in public and become good communicators. Xuxo has written a book ‘Educating with Magic’ about the educational use of magic and how it can be used for mediation, to promote creativity, to improve maths and communication skills. It was the best-selling educational book in Spain in 2013 and hundreds of teachers from all over the world now use his method. Hehas presented his approach on national television in Spain, and has been featured in local and national press. In 2010, for teaching magic to children in hospital with cancer, he received the Guinness World Record for the World’s largest magic lesson.


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