David Calle



David is the founder and creator of the Unicoos website – a hugely innovative educational video resource. The site’s YouTube videos have at one point or another been viewed by over 30 million students, and surveys indicate that the site has helped students with almost every aspect of learning. It is the most important Spanish-language educational channel in its category and has 170,000 followers on Facebook.

David faced a financial struggle to become a teacher and was lucky enough to be able to combine university study with a teaching job in a learning support academy. He decided to open his own ‘academy’ over a decade ago, when he began uploading maths, physics, and chemistry videos on YouTube, overcoming his initial fear of what people would say. He also knew that many families couldn’t afford an academy or private tutor.

In May 2014, Unicoos was chosen by the Telefónica Foundation as one of the Top 100 Educational Innovations in the world, as part of its Education Challenge of that year. In September 2015, Unicoos was chosen by Google as the channel with the biggest social impact in Spain, and it was represented as such at the European Parliament in Brussels. The site is followed in all Spanish-speaking countries. Currently Unicoos is free (and always will be), but the prize funds would help David to put the site on a more secure financial footing, produce more videos with subtitles, hire a webmaster and other teaching staff, and produce ebooks for the site.







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