Armand Doucet

Riverview High School


Armand began as a sports coach at school and went on to develop an award-winning coaching career alongside a successful career in sales for a Fortune 500 company. However, he eventually felt that marketing unhealthy foods to children was in opposition to his coaching goal of helping people to be their best, and decided to try to make a positive difference by becoming a full-time teacher instead.

Armand has only been teaching for five years, but those five years have made a huge difference. Armand created the ‘Harry Potter Week’ campaign in his school, turning the whole school into Hogwarts (each class mirroring some Hogwarts class) while still reaching curriculum outcomes. This went viral and garnered nearly 2 million views. Further, he has developed and assisted students with ‘Passion Projects’, related to the 2020 skills, that have had positive community effects.

His approach to integrating skills-based teaching and academic work has won him the Prime Minister of Canada Teaching Excellence Award, together with the Meritorious Service Medal of the Governor General of Canada. If awarded the prize, Armand would further develop his skills-based approach to achievement, through curriculum development, apps, and collaborative efforts with experts, leaders and other colleagues.







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