The Top 10 Finalists Put Your Knowledge to the Test: Take Their Quiz

March 9th 2016

We put your knowledge to the test with our Global Teacher Prize Quiz. Now it’s time for our top 10 Teachers to put your knowledge to the test with these quiz questions all relating to the country they teach in or the subject they teach! If you can solve these problems #TeachersMatter! Share with us […]

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Test Your Knowledge With the Global Teacher Prize Quiz

March 4th 2016

If you’ve navigated to this blog it’s probably because you found this post on social media and if you understand the words on this screen it means you can read, but where did you learn these skills? We have our teachers to thank for teaching us how to read, write, and comprehend things. So to […]

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Global Teacher Prize Finalist Ron Clark Goes Viral!

January 5th 2016

In case you missed it, one of our 2016 Top 50 Finalists from the United States, Ron Clark, has gone viral. In a recent school video, Ron Clark is seen dancing with some of his Ron Clark Academy students all in the name of just having fun.

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Sky News' Anchor Asks Nancie Atwell How to Keep Kids Engaged

November 10th 2015

Watch the 2015 Global Teacher Prize winner talk with anchor Eamonn Holmes & co-hosts on Sky News Sunrise on why #teachersmatter! Having books is Nancie’s superhero power to pull kids in. She doesn’t have a nickname but she does have a ‘look’ she uses, which she shows the co-hosts. A funny moment!

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