The top 10 traits of great teachers

February 20th 2018

Every teacher is unique. But at the same time, there are traits that tend to be common among all great teachers. Each year the Global Teacher Prize shortlists 50 of the world’s best teachers. While there can be only one winner of the $1 million prize, everyone shortlisted goes on to become a member of […]

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2018 Top 10 Teachers

February 14th 2018

What makes a great teacher? A mastery of their subject? A passion for learning? A drive to make the world a better place? All of these qualities can be found in abundance among the 10 teachers from around the world shortlisted for the 2018 Global Teacher Prize. The Prize awards $1 million each year to […]

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20 National Teacher Prizes Anounced at GESF 2017

March 22nd 2017

The success of the Varkey Foundation’s US $1M Global Teacher Prize, now celebrating its third year of success, has inspired National Teacher Prizes in over 20 nations. Colombia was the first country to start its own prize, with the backing and support of the Varkey Foundation. And since the Global Teacher Prize was awarded to […]

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Meet the Global Teacher Prize Winner 2017

March 19th 2017

In one of the world’s most remote regions, surrounded by snow and ice, Maggie McDonnell is changing the lives of her students and transforming her community. The winner of the Global Teacher Prize Winner 2017 lives and works in Salluit, an Inuit village deep in the Canadian Arctic. The village is so remote that it’s […]

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These are the 10 best teachers in the world

February 22nd 2017

We’ve all had teachers who have inspired us, who have made a difference to our lives. Teachers have the power to make or break lives. A great lesson can inspire a passion for a subject that lasts a lifetime, while lacklustre teaching can kill any desire for learning. Teachers who make a significant difference in […]

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